2019 Six Nations Preview Round 4

Finally—finally!—got rid of that nasty wee cough and it’s back to the best tournament in the world (at least till World Rugby manage to bugger it up) Six Nations, Round 4. Dova will talk you through what’s going to happen.

2019 Six Nations Preview Round 4

Round 4 of the 6N represents the start of the ‘championship’ rounds and is set to be massive in terms of deciding the final destination of the coveted trophy. By the end of proceedings this coming weekend we could be in a position where only one or two teams are left with a realistic chance or, potentially, one where four (or at a push five) are still in with a theoretical chance. So all to play for…

Six Nations 2019


Sat 14:15 Scotland – Wales

TV: BBC 1 (UK), S4C (UK), FR2 (FRA), Virgin 1 (IRE), NBC (USA)
Venue: Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh
Referee: Pascal Gauzère (FRA)

Probably the biggest and most interesting game of the round. Wales are flying high and the only team left with a chance of a slam. That said, the (frankly ridiculous and should never have been introduced) bonus point system means they can still be caught quite easily by two other teams, if Wales slip up just once. Success has, so far, been founded upon Wales’ typically miserly defence and an ability to out-last opponents with, what appears to be, a fitness advantage over most other teams they play. They are solid to excellent everywhere, with the exception perhaps of their line out which can wobble on occasions. Thus far that’s been enough to see off all comers.

Embed from Getty Images

Murrayfield, 2017.
I think we can all[*] agree that another 29-13 game would do nicely?

[*] -ish.

For Scotland then, who have suffered awfully with injuries and are in danger of their campaign fizzling out to a disappointing end, this looks a big challenge. They will be encouraged though by the return of Finn Russell—whom they will need if they are to unlock the Welsh defence—and the chance of a possible pairing at wing forward of the excellent returning Hamish Watson and impressive young tyke Jamie Ritchie. The loss of the brilliant Hogg has been mostly mitigated by the impressive Blair Kinghorn, whom your correspondent is tipping to get on the score sheet. They will be well advised to target the welsh lineout by ensuring that when they kick they find touch, and encourage their backline to try things often and test the Welsh defence. If they are to do it they’ll need a fast start and a decent lead and then hang on for the last 20. Sadly for them, the Wales defence might just be too strong.

Prediction: Wales by 8 in a low scoring affair..

Sat 16:45 England v Italy

TV: ITV 1 (UK), FR2 (FRA), Virgin 1 (IRE), NBC (USA)
Venue: Twickenham Stadium, London
Referee: Nic Berry (AUS)

No point beating around the bush here. England should win handily, and they need to if they are to stay in the race for the title (though they still need others to do them favours elsewhere). Italy pushed a stuttering Ireland close (well as close as a BP defeat can be) but they are away from home this week and England will be looking to prove a point. Eddie will probably rotate a few players and so the exciting ‘big’ Joe Cokansiga should have a chance to stretch his legs with his first decent stint in the 6N. Billy will likely be rested or at least used sparingly and some of the tight five finishers given a chance to start. This rotation in the past has sometimes led to stuttering performances, so don’t expect a cricket score, but Eddie will likely retain the big guns for the bench at least to ensure there’s no embarrassing slip ups in the final result.

Embed from Getty Images

Worryingly, unlike in 2017 England no longer have
the leaders to deal with any unforeseen circumstances

Prediction: England by 21.

Sun 14:15 Ireland – France

TV: ITV 1 (UK), FR2 (FRA), Virgin 1 (IRE), NBC (USA)
Venue: Aviva Stadium, Dublin
Referee: Ben O’Keeffe (NZ)

This is the game that decides whether or not Ireland go into the final weekend with a chance of retaining their title and realistically they need to win big with a bonus point. Their stuttering form during this 6N is hard to explain, given their dominance last year and a hugely successful Autumn. They have had injuries but this has been a minor issue compared to the carnage suffered by others. France have been mostly poor with the odd flash of broken play brilliance, but last week against Scotland at last showed some signs of better control from the half backs. No team turns things around quite that quickly though and the ‘style’ of this French team is tailor-made for Ireland. The provinces have been successful against all these players all season and Ireland, even at 80% (<——made up stat alert) are still capable of getting on a roll at home in a way that the opposition can’t counter.

Embed from Getty Images

It’s becoming a bit of a cliché but
it really all depends on which Irish team turns up

Expect Ireland to squeeze the life out of the French campaign and propel themselves into contention for the final weekend.

Prediction: Ireland by 18.

Thanks to Dova for the perceptive percipience of his predictions. Though TBH, it’s a little worrying that he’s going for an England win.

Weekend TV Rugby Fix

Channels in bold are free to air.

Women's Six Nations 2019


Friday 8th March

06:35 Hurricanes v Highlanders, SR (Sky Sports Action)
08:45 Rebels v Brumbies, SR (Sky Sports Action)
19:15 Ireland 31 v 29 France, 6N U20
19:35 Scotland 15 v 17 Wales, 6N WOM
19:45 Bath v Saracens, GPR (BT Sport 3)
19:45 England 35 v 10 Italy, 6N U20

Saturday 9th March

04:15 Crusaders v Chiefs, SR (Sky Sports Action)
06:35 Blues v Sunwolves, SR (Sky Sports Action/Main Event)
08:45 Waratahs v Reds, SR (Sky Sports Action)
12:05 England v Italy, 6N WOM (Sky Sports Action/Mix)
13:05 Lions v Los Jaguares, SR (Sky Sports Arena)
14:15 Scotland v Wales, 6N MEN (BBC 1, S4C, FR2, Virgin 1, NBC)
15:15 Bulls v Sharks, SR (Sky Sports Main Event/Mix)
16:15 England v Italy, 6N MEN (ITV 1, FR2, Virgin 1, NBC)
17:00 IRB 7s Vancouver (Sky Sports Mix)

U20s Six Nations 2019


Sunday 10th March

13:00 Harlequins v Gloucester, GPR (BT Sport 3)
15:00 Ireland v France, 6N MEN (ITV 1, FR2, Virgin 1, NBC)
16:20 IRB 7s Vancouver (Sky Sports Action/Mix)
19:00 Ireland v France, 6N WOM (RTÉ 2)

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    Made me look up my original track sheet.
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    It does the open chords inna chorus as well.
    And it’s out of tune on both takes.
    So the distortion is really messy as you get loads more “unrelated” harmonics to the fundamental pitch when things aren’t quite in tune and the intonation isn’t perfect.
    One of the “tricks” to using lots of distortion is to be in tune and have your intonation set up bang on, otherwise it smears like what we have here.
    Firing it through a different amp cab and mic’ing it with a off-axis dynamic mic (a 57) will filter a lot of that out naturally and give me some high-mids that are usable to play with.

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  5. Do the overnight pow-wows mean that May’s deal is now likely to pass and we are going to exit on March 29th?
    Having a bit of a downer about it actually happening now after always holding onto a hope that it was going to be defused (i’m sure many will regard it as hugely watered down in the current form)

  6. I’m just hoping we’ve had our disastrous away game (against France) and our injury crisis game vs. Wales, and that the ladz just put in a creditable performance.

  7. @Chimpie>

    I’m just hoping we’ve had our disastrous away game (against France) and our injury crisis game vs. Wales, and that the ladz just put in a creditable performance.

    Me too.

    England by 20 though.

  8. @Piperboy>

    I’d still bet on the deal being voted down, just. The EU haven’t really conceded anything in the latest round of negotiations. The ERG have staked out some pretty hard stances in the lead up to this, they’d have to back-track now. Depends if they feel that voting the deal down increases the chances of Brexit not happening at all.

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    Maitland & Graham available

    Thank fuck. Graham, McGuigan and Maitland as a back three doesn’t actually make me want to hurl.

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    The stats that get processed from the detector data results aren’t exactly transparent.

    Having worked in my undergraduate days on the silicon strip detectors that eventually got put into the ATLAS experiment at LHC I can confirm they are fabulous.

  11. @Chekhovian>

    The ERG have staked out some pretty hard stances in the lead up to this, they’d have to back-track now.

    David Davis yesterday indicated the arbitration system proposed could potentially remove their objection to the backstop. It’s not much but it’s something

  12. @Chimpie>

    I’m just talking about frequencies.
    Except rather than the subsonic low frequencies you would be used to in Earth World, I’m drivelling about audible frequencies.
    I want the frequencies we can hear to be musically related (maffmatically, if you are so inclined) to the fundamental notes that the choon is built upon.
    Just now, I have a lot of unwanted unrelated high and high mid frequencies clogging up the mix.
    Making it difficult to hear the actual notes the second guitar is adding to the arrangement.
    To open up some space, I need to filter said guitar to remove as much of the unrelated high frequencies as possible without losing the tone completely (there are related high frequencies getting filtered out too – and those are important in the brain “filling in” the apparent fundamental note, even though it may not actually be there).

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    I cleared out the top of the Healing Church this morning. Managed to push one of the snipers in a wheelchair off the edge of the tower; which was fun.

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    Still, I managed to get the radiant sword badge. And I’ll kill those dogs and their owners later.

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    I haven’t watched this yet, I’ll do so later, but this is guy responsible for the intonation and tuning. He has something of the Garth about him.

    The vid may total nerdom, serial numbers on pickups etc, I don’t know, hopefully he’ll talk about set ups

  15. One of the problems is that most Tory voters and most Leave voters don’t want a deal, and certainly don’t want this deal.

    If it was a secret ballot I think this deal would easily pass, but too many Tory MPs are too fearful of the Wrath of the Geriatric to be seen voting for it.

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