Club Rugby Round 18 (or 19 (or 21))

No Big Cup, no international rugby this weekend, so we can concentrate on the final league stages of the NH competitions. Here’s what you can watch, when.

Club Rugby Round 18 (or 19 (or 21))

Here are the key games in the leagues, in number of rounds order…

Gallagher Premiership R18

All eyes will be on Moral League Leaders, Sale (6th, 40pts) as they host Harlequins (4th, 49pts) on Friday night.

I’m sorry, I’ll type that again.

The top of the league won’t change this weekend, but the bottom might. By Sunday night, any one of Leicester (10th, 34pts), Worcester (11th, 32pts) or Newcastle (12th, 29pts) could be propping up the rest.

The crucial TV match is at Welford Road [Sat 16:30], where Leicester are at home to Exeter (1st, 71pts). A loss this weekend and the struggle to stay up becomes even harder for the Tigers. Fortunately for them, the very last club, Newcastle are away (untelevised) to Saracens (2nd, 62pts). Equally un-BT’d are Worcester who are away at Wasps (8th, 37pts).

Pro 14 R19

If Conference A leaders Glasgow (A-1st, 66pts) lose badly at home to Ulster (B-2nd, 54pts) on Friday [19:35], then they can be overtaken by Munster (A2-2nd, 63pts), if the latter beat Cardiff (A-4th, 52pts) at home (same time). The top of Conference A is therefore still very much in play this weekend.

This is not true in Conference B, where Leinster (B-1st, 72pts) are 18 points ahead of Ulster. Their visitors on Saturday [19:45], Treviso, are having a good season (B-3, 50pts), but it will still be a shock to see them beat the Blue Meanies in Dublin.

Top 14 R21

Only two matches televised, but they concern three out of the top four teams.

On Saturday [13:45] leaders Toulouse (76pts) are away at Toulon (10th, 38pts), while second-placed Clermont (69pts) are home to Racing (3rd, also on 56pts) on Sunday [15:50]. There will be changes by Sunday night.

Weekend TV Schedule

Free to air games are in bold.

Friday 5th April

02:00 IRB Sevens (Sky Sports Action/Main Event)
07:35 Highlanders v Hurricanes, SR (Sky Sports Arena)
10:00 Reds v Stormers, SR (Sky Sports Arena)
18:10 Lions v Sharks, SR (Sky Sports Action)
19:35 Glasgow v Ulster, Pro14 (Premier Sports 1)
19:35 Munster v Cardiff, Pro14 (Premier Sports 2, S4C, TG4)
19:45 Sale v Harlequins, GPR (BT Sport 1)

Saturday 6th April

01:30 IRB 7s (Sky Sports Action/Main Event)
05:15 Crusaders v Brumbies, SR (Sky Sports Arena)
07:35 Blues v Waratahs, SR (Sky Sports Arena/Main Event)
09:45 Rebels v Sunwolves, SR (Sky Sports Arena/Main Event)
13:45 Toulon v Toulouse, Top14 (Sky Sports Action)
14:05 Bulls v Los Jaguares, SR (Sky Sports Mix)
14:00 Bath v Bristol, GPR (BT Sport 2)
16:30 Cheetahs v Ospreys, Pro14 (Premier Sports 2)
16:30 Leicester v Exeter, GPR (BT Sport 2)
17:30 Zebre v Connacht, Pro14 (Free Sports, TG4)
18:45 Scarlets v Edinburgh, Pro14 (Premier Sports 2)
19:45 Leinster v Treviso, Pro14 (Free Sports, TG4)

Sunday 7th April

00:45 IRB 7s, (Sky Sports Action/Main Event)
15:00 Southern Kings v Dragons, Pro14 (Premier Sports 1)
15:00 Northampton v Gloucester, GPR (BT Sport 1)
15:50 Clermont v Racing, Top14 (Sky Sports Action)

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  1. @Dr Claws Cat>

    I’m convinced there’s a massive swathe of the population- the willfully indifferent- who aren’t having an existential crisis.

    These people want the whole thing to be over with.

    They will have to wait decades.

    Even if we leave, the future trade relationship will have to be agreed. This means years of negotiating. The ERG will be trying to push for more distance than what the government knows is best for the country at every step in the process. The social media wars over meat and dairy quotas and refrigerated transport regulations etc are going to be brilliant.

    Even after that is agreed whenever anything happens that requires us to co-operate with our neighbours the same schism will open.

  2. @sagmog>

    If you look at it that way – the extremes are our two big political parties.

    Yep. Both captured by obsessive, nasty, useless people.

  3. @Chimpie>

    There still isn’t much in the way of alternatives to the two main parties in England

    The last few polls have shown support for the two main parties fragmenting. There’s an opportunity for a new force/forces to emerge from this shitshow – largely on the right, and the centre/centre-left. Change UK (the Independent Group’s new moniker) are already up to 9% in some polls. That feels a bit theoretical at the moment, but the desire for something new is definitely there.

  4. @Chimpie>

    SNP are consistently above 40% in the polls, after 12 years in power it’s quite something, the lead varies depending on how Tories or Labour are doing, but it’s around 12 – 20%. It’s remarkable that Labour have been the third party in these polls for along time now, there seems no way back for them in Scotland any time soon, and after Labour being “The Scots Way” for so long

  5. @Chimpie>

    SNP will be re energised

    And I think there will be the traditional affluent Tory and Lib Dem voters who want to meaningfully protest against Brexit and so vote for the SNP.

    Some of the Tory seats will go in Scotland, but I think snp will make big gains in edinburgh, despite largely being a shambles at a local level and punitively fucking the city repeatedly with their politicised funding allocations.

    Can’t wait.

  6. @Tichtheid>

    but it’s remarkable that Labour have been the third party in these polls for along time now

    I don’t think it is really. It’s a combination of Labour incompetence and the SNP taking their position. If you think about it, a Tory is never going to vote SNP or Labour, so what’s really happened is that the vote on the left has migrated over to the SNP.

    Labour are the big losers here- and considering some of the dickheads they’ve had in post in Scotland (Murphy), this isn’t really too much of a shock.

  7. @CJ>

    Assuming the “talent” rises to the top – all our big parties should be fucking useless at local level.

  8. @Chekhovian>

    Interesting. UKIP have gone somewhat – how shall I describe it – non-mainstream of late so they’ve probably passed their high water mark of support. Where do disgruntled further – right leaning tories go now?

    CUK are presumably going to fill the void formerly known as the lib dems and will get some bleed over from blue & red camps.

  9. @Dr Claws Cat>

    If you think about it, a Tory is never going to vote SNP or Labour,

    I don’t think this is the case, Cat, I seem to recall reading a breakdown of where the SNP were picking up votes and it was from both Tories and Labour, with a majority from Labour right enough, but not exclusively.

  10. I passed the Dutch reading exam!

    Am waiting for results of writing and speaking.

    Listening is 11th May.

  11. @Tichtheid>

    That’s a fair refinement. The portion of voters available to the SNP is more likely to come from the left than the Tories, and thus it’s not surprising that Labour have dropped to third as they had more to potentially lose.

  12. @Chimpie>

    Where do disgruntled further – right leaning tories go now?

    The Brexit Party – Farage’s latest creature feature. On 9% in the last Westminster poll I saw. Tied with CUK. Lib Dems on 7-8%, I think, so some sort of alliance/merger between those latter two would be sensible.

  13. I think I’ll be finding an independent to save the deposit for in the next election. We’re bluer than the Fox’s Glacier Mint’s Polar Bear’s nutsack.

  14. @Dr Claws Cat>

    The Tories picked up a lot of votes at the 2017 GE in Scotland from Leave voters who had previously backed the SNP, hence their supposed “revival” in Scotland.

    In Scotland, as elsewhere in the UK, Brexit is putting cats among pigeons.

    I find it frustrating that the support for the SNP is not translating to a firm shift for independence. The ironing of ironing was an article I read in the Kipper a few months ago saying North Sea oil could be the thing to mitigate a hard Brexit

  15. In Embra-centric news:

    Fordy out! 34 now, been a great servant etc.
    Brown (T)
    Kennedy (S)
    Hamilton (L)

    No destinations listed for them.

    Joining Fowles, Nayalo & Dell

  16. @Tichtheid>

    This is funny, because many of the arguments for Brexit are directly translatable to Scottish independence. There’s a few thorny issues (currency), but in reality if you are saying that Britain is ruled by an unaccountable body miles away you can make exactly the same case about Scotland being ruled by an unaccountable body miles away. See also fishing waters, farming, trade etc etc etc.

    If anything, Scotland already has an independent legal system and a few other things so it’s even closer than the yes Brexit-no Indy mob would have it be.

  17. I still think the English should be asked about Independence. I’m not convinced at all that the English love the union as much as the Tories seem to think.

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