Miffs and Leg Ends Quiz

The last quiz we did is so long ago that its true details have been lost in the mists of time — just like the Miffs and Legends in today’s quiz in fact.

Modern Miffs and Legends #1: World Rugby nurtures the Pacific Islands

Miffs and Leg Ends Quiz

You know what to do, you leg ends. Do it triffically miffically.

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  1. The Rugby Football Union is considering scrapping the England Sevens team in favour of a Great Britain side because of its financial problems.

  2. @Chimpie>

    Was reading about it. The RFU apparently lost a boat load of money last year. They’ve done quite a lot of layoffs and whatnot.

  3. Scottish 7zz team has only just been hanging on for a while now. Would be a shame to lose it as it’s been valuable for player development. Sharing the financial burden would only work if the player mix was equitable.

  4. @Expro>

    a GB team means a lot of Welsh and Scottish 7s players lose their jobs.

    Maybe, Scotland had three players in the top ten “performance tracker” list last weekend, compared to one English player. Overall there are two Scots, both ahead of the lone English player.

    I don’t think England really want to disband their seven, even if they do it’s up to them. The financial problems they cite are of their own making.


  5. Rugby Australia will be contacted by high-ranking sporting officials who have been concerned about the possibility of match-fixing of a Wallabies match several years ago.

    The officials have serious doubts about the behaviour of at least three Wallabies players – all of whom still have considerable links to Australian Rugby – either in an on- or off-field capacity.

    It involves a match Australia was strongly favoured to win. The opposition were at highly attractive odds with several betting agencies. The Wallabies lost the match following numerous strange incidents, including dubious forward passes, easy tackles being missed, confounding knock-ons and easy midfield kicks going nowhere near their target.

    Leaving aside the obvious observation that this could be referring to any Wallabies test match in recent memory, which match are they actually referring to?

  6. Got an email through via Superbru about a survey and ‘Having my say on World Rugby’. Good, I thought, so I clicked on the link.

    This survey is closed.


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