That’s A Nasty Wee Cough You Have There

A Nasty Wee Cough

No Six Nations this weekend, which is just as well since last Saturday’s match in Cardiff was cancelled. So now we have a nasty wee cough on our hands. Still, there’s probably some rugby on the box to watch.

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Katy Daley-McLean giving England something to cheer last weekend in Cardiff

Weekend Rugby on TV

Free-to-air channels are in bold.

Friday 1st March

06:35 Hurricanes v Brumbies, SR (Sky Sports Action)
08:45 Rebels v Highlanders, SR (Sky Sports Action)
19:00 Ebbw Vale v Pontypridd, Principality Premiership (BBC Connected TV)
19:35 Leinster v Cheetahs, Pro14 (Premier Sports 1)
19:45 Bristol v Gloucester, GPR (BT Sport 1)
22:50 IRB Sevens (Sky Sports Action)

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Kati Tuipolotu of Ebbw Vale,
Ebbw Vale v Gloucester, Parker Pen Shield quarters, 2002

Saturday 2nd March

06:35 Chiefs v Sunwolves, SR (Sky Sports Action)
08:45 Reds v Crusaders, SR (Sky Sports Action)
13:05 Lions v Bulls, SR (Sky Sports Arena)
13:45 Racing v La Rochelle, Top14 (Sky Sports Action)
14:45 Connacht v Ospreys, Pro14 (Premier Sports 1, TG4)
15:00 Leicester v Wasps, GPR (BT Sport 2)
15:00 Treviso v Edinburgh, Pro14 (Premier Sports 2)
15:15 Sharks v Stormers, SR (Sky Sports Arena)
17:00 Scarlets v Munster, Pro14 (Premier Sports 2, TG4)
17:15 Zebre v Glasgow, Pro14 (Free Sports)
19:20 IRB Sevens (Sky Sports Action)
19:35 Cardiff v Southern Kings, Pro14 (Premier Sports 2)
21:40 Los Jaguares v Blues, SR (Sky Sports Mix)

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Dave Shanahan scores for Ulster in their earlier 36-18 win over the Dragons

Sunday 3rd March

15:00 Newcastle v Worcester, GPR (BT Sport 1)
15:00 Dragons v Ulster, Pro14 (Premier Sports 2)
15:50 Stade Français v Toulouse, Top14 (Sky Sports Action)
18:50 IRB Sevens (Sky Sports Action/Mix)

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  1. @CJ>

    Constant dehumanisation

    Like ‘Citizens of nowhere’?

    The phrase the fucking Prime Minister used to describe people like me?

  2. @CJ>

    Wife was trying to get us all on the lent bandwagon last night.

    She suggested the kids give up sweets for lent. Cue horror and wailing.

    They suggested she gives up booze.

    I suggested I’d give up fish.

    Doubt anyone’s going to be giving up anything.

  3. @CJ>

    Do you really think that anyone who suffers from mental health issues is offended when someone refers to an extremist Brexiter as ‘mad’, ‘crazy’ etc?

    That it is on the same level as the PM telling people whose family lives are under threat that they are ‘citizens of nowhere’ and thus their views and rights don’t matter?

    Or are you suggesting I should feel bad in case I hurt the feelings of someone like Mark Francois?

  4. @Expro>

    Do you really think that anyone who suffers from mental health issues is offended when someone refers to an extremist Brexiter as ‘mad’, ‘crazy’ etc?

    Yes. Interested as to what makes you think otherwise. However at this point I get a strong sense that you are having a bad morning so maybe a conversation for another time?

  5. @Chekhovian>

    I’m never going to read that book because it sounds meh but is one of my favourite films which you should watch immediately. Seriously, it is brilliant.

  6. Marcus du Sautoy had a tragic (maybe, not really) and compelling moment onna TV one time that was nothing to do with maths.

    I’m on the phone atm and can’t be arsed thumb typing details. Call this a tease for later.

  7. Good, but probably the weakest of his that I’ve read so far. The writing is great as usual, but the main character (a pot-addled, middle-aged English professer/author man-child) is hard to like. The plot sags in a few places, too.

    Oh, now I see what you’re doing. Wonderful use of ‘sags’ just to hammer it home.

    CM, fetch the nerve agents and sharp bamboo.

  8. @Chekhovian>

    Well, as someone who has anxiety, depression and OCD I am personally not offended when people suggest that those with unpleasant, false and dangerous views are ‘mad’.

    It’s because I don’t think there is necessarily a link between mental illness and unreasonable views, as plenty of healthy people believe all sorts of daft things. Also, I imagine a great many people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness don’t believe in conspiracy theories or hold extremist beliefs.

    I also believe that there is as fairly clear distinction between describing the eccentric views of a healthy person as ‘mad’ and using the same term to insult someone who does have mental health issues. I think that the context is more important than the choice of word itself.

    If a leading Brexiter conceded that they have do problems with their mental health and that it does affect their eccentric political beliefs I would be less vitriolic towards them, but would hope that they might concede that influencing or executing government policy might not be the best role for them at that time.

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