HASKr Live!

Select your file(s) – push [upload] button.
Once upload is complete – page will refresh automatically and insert your picture in the gallery.

Any captions already attached to the images will be displayed.

Click/press onna thumbnail to open the Viewer, descriptions attached to the images will be displayed here.

Supports *.png, *.jpg, *.gif image files

[wordpress_file_upload dragdrop=”false” uploadpath=”%username%” fitmode=”responsive” allownofile=”true” uploadpatterns=”*.png,*.jpg,*.gif” maxsize=”60″ createpath=”true” forcefilename=”true” showtargetfolder=”true” duplicatespolicy=”maintain both” redirect=”true” redirectlink=”https://www.aodrugby.com/haskr-live/” medialink=”true” postlink=”true” galleryoptions=”columns=%dq%5%dq% order=%dq%DESC%dq% exclude=%dq%22265,22297%dq%”]