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Regular readers will have noticed a few changes to AoD recently. As well as a gorgeous new look and a change to a much faster system behind the scenes, we’ve created special User Accounts with enhanced features for contributors and regular posters. This article provides a simple guide to the new accounts.

For an abbreviated version of the normal weekend Fixture list, please click on ‘Show TV Matches’ toggle below the picture.


NB: if you’re a regular poster and previous/future ATLer and you haven’t had an invitation to a user account, let us know BTL. For the avoidance of doubt, you don’t need a User Account just to comment BTL. Finally, there’s no need to use your account if you don’t want to: you can still email us ATLs in the traditional way at

First thing you need to know is that in WordPress Speak, a User is someone who can do more than just comment below the line: they’ve got permission to do something (for varying degrees of ‘something’) behind the scenes, so they have a log-on to the system, complete with password.

The new User Accounts enable you to:

  1. Create ATLs (WordPress calls them Posts) directly onto the system, ready for checking and publishing by Editorial. You don’t have to use this facility — you can still send ATLs to in the usual way — but it does give you more control over the process.
  2. Have additional control over the look and content of your comments: mainly allowing you to insert images, and have greater control over text styles.

Most people have what we call a Stringer user account.  Here’s what you need to know if you’re a new Stringer.

The Admin ToolBar

When you log in you’ll see a black bar across the top of the screen. This has some useful shortcuts.

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-09-50-27If you have reduced your screen width, the bar may look slightly different, but the icons are obvious.


The only ones you need to use are:

  • On the left we have shortcuts to and to AoD Home.
  • To create a new ATL, choose +New, then Post on the submenu.  Ignore the other items on the submenu.
  • On the right is a cheery greeting to you (or just your avatar). Click on this to view or change your account details.

All other Toolbar items can be ignored.

The first time you log on after receiving your account, you should change your password and amend your profile details.


(Click on the How are you, <your name> item — or just the avatar picture — in the top right of the toolbar, then choose Edit My Profile)

You can change many aspects of your profile, but these are the most common ones:

  • Your nickname: You’re stuck with your username, but you can assign yourself a nickname and choose to display that instead of your username.
  • If you used a “dumb” email address, you can update to a live one here.
  • Password: Please change your password from the random one assigned by the system.
  • Biographical Info: This will be displayed along with your byline below an article. Leave blank if you don’t want a byline (you still get a credit at the top) or enter a short single line that sums you up.
  • Show/Hide the Admin Toolbar: Self-explanatory, two options.
  • Email: By default you receive emails from the site, you can specify or stop what you want here.
  • If you want to use a Gravatar ( ensure that the gravatar email and the WordPress email are the same.

If you want to upload your own avatar image, you can do that too. Your new avatar won’t appear until you hit [update profile]. You can also remove this image and revert back to Gravatar or a default system image if you wish.

Note: Local avatars are just that, they are contained within our domain and don’t require any extra accounts beyond your AoD one. You must be logged in for your local avatar to display.


screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-08-49-35Depending on the size of your window and/or screen, there may also be a black sidebar down the left. If you don’t see this, click on the button with 3 horizontal bars which will be present left of the WordPress icon. You’ll see a range of links, the main two of interest being:


The Dashboard displays various statistics about the site and posts.

Where you set up your preferences, access the CMS (content management system) and see various stats about the site. Preferences you might want to change from the default are in:


This where you can create new articles or view your old ones. Simply select [add new] from the Posts menu. When you’re in the Editor, use [Save draft] to save your work and [Preview] to see how it will look when published.


To add pictures, click [Add Media] (well yes…): the dialog box allows you to add captions as you go along. Once the pictures have been inserted, you can edit them by highlighting them and clicking the pencil icon.

Insert Media Screen: please provide source & copyright details

A word about copyright — we try very hard not to breach copyright rules. If you upload a picture, please try to make sure it’s legitimate, and please add the link to where it was obtained from somewhere (in the Description field will be fine, or as a list somewhere in your text). Editorial will add it to the Acknowledgements section later.

Feel free to add tags and categories as you wish, but ignore items like SEO — we’ll sort those out later.

Once you are happy with what you have, you use the [Submit] button to put it forward to Editorial who will review and publish it.

That’s it, basically — it’s all fairly self-explanatory in practice. You can change your own content as much as you like (although don’t do it after the ATL’s been published…). The system retains changes so you can backtrack if you want.

Comments Below The Line

Stringer accounts include the ability to use extended html in the comments: the main use for this is to add pictures and/or get ‘clever’ with the look of text.

Use ‘Choose file’ to insert a picture. SFW and copyright clean only please!

All our usual moderation rules apply: in particularly Safe for Work only, please, and remember that you are responsible for complying with copyright laws.

You must use the image uploader provided: don’t ‘hotlink’ to external images.

Finally: for your own safety don’t overuse scrolling text. You will be skinned then salted then lightly battered then shot inna face.

Other things to note

HASKr Live!

If you are logged into your account, then HASKr Live! will attach any photos you upload (when logged in) to your account.

Images uploaded into comments are treated separately – they do not appear in HASKr and they do not appear in the Media Library.


The following steps will clear most issues:

  1. Clear your browser cache and refresh
  2. See Step 1.

To totally clear all bumph and log in to a fresh session:

  1. Log in – then immediately log out.
  2. Clear your browser cache – then log back in ticking the “remember me” tick box.

There. Enjoy.


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    The rest of the Tichts will be going their own way by then, BB, they won’t be staying in Brighton due to jobs, accommodation cost issues etc.

    FD, CJ will get beaten up within five minutes of stepping off a train at Dunbar if he wears tweeds, flip flops or chinos.

    Aussie accents are fine.

  3. Genia was excellent last night.

    Adam Coleman was awesome. 18 tackles in 60 minutes on the field, some of them big hits too.

    Players like Kerevi starting to get better at the little things. He was attacking the breakdown in defense more, unlike previous weeks where he was just standing off.

    Optimism is starting to return a little. Still a long way to go.

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    Before anyone asks, it wasn’t me.

  6. Once again, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who provided the play-by-play and colour commentary.

    It’s almost as If I was at the match…

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    Congratulations on your first game for a Scottish team, HBH. Shame you lost but at least you’ve acculturated quickly.

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